Mosquito Season is setting in for New South Wales

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Mosquito Season is setting in for New South Wales

The lawns are looking green, the rivers are flowing but the extra soggy start to this summer has resulted in experts warning about the risks of a mega mosquito season.
Now is the time to make sure that your house is able to keep out the flies and mosquitoes that are already mustering forces.
At Lockman Doors and Glass we can provide a wide range of flyscreen and security screen options depending on your needs and budget.

Our fly screens are designed to be long lasting and affordable. If you’re living in town or in a high-risk break-in area, we at Lockman Doors and Glass recommend Crimsafe security screens.

Crimsafe stands out in the market for high durability and long lasting security screens.

Crimsafe uses Structural Grade 304 stainless steel. Other brands use 316 marine grade stainless steel while Crimsafe uses 304 because it performs better in security applications.

304 structural grade stainless steel remains stronger AND absorbs more energy in an attack situation. 316 needs to be tempered higher (i.e: the process of heat treating to increase the toughness of iron-based alloys) than 304 to gain its ability to be hard enough to pass the Australian Standards Knife Shear Test. This makes 0.8mm diameter 316 product more brittle, by being less able to absorb energy and change form without breaking, than 0.9mm diameter 304 product.

Crimsafe uses high grade pre-treatment and high durability powder coat technologies will also ensure a premium finish that lasts for years.


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