Flywire Screens are Not Security Screens

Fly Screens Are Not Security Screens

Flywire Screens are Not Security Screens

Flywire Screens are Not Security Screens. At Lockman Doors and Glass we provide and install the best in home security using products that are proven to deter break-ins.

Dedicated to reducing the crime rate in Australia, Crimsafe is proud to be the only security screen company strong enough to partner with Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers acknowledges Crimsafe as a manufacturer of high quality, extensively tested security doors and windows, proven to deter break-ins and intrusions.

If you need security, Crimsafe has the solution – with an ever-growing range of products designed to suit any home, business or commercial application.

We custom build our screens to fit any size or type of opening, while our flexible family of framing systems can be applied to fixed, hinged or sliding openings.

With smooth, clean lines and powder-coated finish, Crimsafe screens provide maximum security and contemporary style – plus a huge range of functional benefits like heat protection and UV resistance.

From doors and windows to emergency exits, patio enclosures, balustrades, overpasses, railway crossings, aged care homes, hospitals, retail outlets, banks and so much more – the applications for Crimsafe are endless.

Whatever you can imagine, we can create.


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