Create your perfect Outdoor Indoor Living Area

We’re all familiar with the idea of lounging outside during the warm summer months, barbecue sizzling away, kids playing off in the distance, no concern of mosquitoes or flies, all of which is made possible by the perfectly designed and well fitted outdoor/indoor living area. But it seems that just as we start to relax into this weekend routine, the 4 months of the New England summer is up and we’re back to the cold bitter winter that is only too familiar.
However what many families are unaware of is that a well designed outdoor/indoor living area can act as a haven from the cold and the heat.


At Lockman Doors and Glass, we specialize in making your dream outdoor/indoor living area a reality. With the ability to install high-grade double glazed windows and skylights, this retreat can act as a heater for the whole house; even during the most bitter winter days.
One family commented that “it can be as cold as 5 degrees outside and comfortably well over 25 inside with no other heating source”.
At Lockman Doors and Glass, we also install durable, long lasting crimsafe security screens meaning that you can confidently leave the windows open during the night and know that it’s not just keeping out the bugs.
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