Viridian Balustrade System™


Balustrades with unrestricted views

This free standing glass balustrade system uses the structural strength of Viridian VTough™ to produce clean, dramatic and cost effective balustrades. The system minimises framing, creating light, clear spaces. Alternatively, VTough and Viridian VLam™ glass can be bolt-fixed or installed within framed sections.

Technical details

The Viridian Balustrade System™ consists of 10mm, 12mm or 15mm toughened glass that may also require laminating depending on application. The glass is set upright in a groove in structural concrete or a steel channel.

The glass panels are located on neoprene setting blocks and a special non-shrink grout is used. The grout is capped off with a silicone cap. The channel must be designed to resist the twisting movements applied to the balustrade.

Important considerations

  • Standards Australian Standard AS1288 and New Zealand Standard NZS4223 with design loads from AS/NZS1170.1 must be complied with.
  • If the balustrade is protecting a difference in level of more than 1000mm, a separate handrail capable of withstanding the design load independent of the glass must be used. Please consult with Viridian™ for details.
  • The designer must determine that in the case of accidental or deliberate damage, any falling glass can cause no public danger. In these situations Viridian recommends the use of a toughened laminated glass or fully framed laminated glass.
  • Exposed edges of laminated glass are not recommended.
  • Viridian recommends all toughened glass used in frameless or bolted structural balustrades be specified as Viridian heat soak treatment. Note: this is a Viridian warranty requirement.
Balustrade System Armidale


  • Clear, unrestricted views
  • Glass panels provide wind break
  • Can be designed for bolted or freestanding applications

Note A range of proprietary post and cantilevered balustrade systems are available in New Zealand only. Please contact Viridian New Zealand for further details.